Don’t let Valentines Day be your only date night! Do you have plans yet? If not, we’ve got a few ideas to ensure that you have a great date night!

Of course, there is the classic horseback riding on the beach. Stop by Horses on the Beach and take a guided horse ride down the shoreline of Padre Island! They have horses for beginners and experienced riders, making it a great experience for everyone!

Another classic, but with a little more privacy, enjoy a nice picnic on San Jose Island! You can kayak to the island or take a scheduled boat that goes to and from the island throughout the day. With 21 miles of an undeveloped island and no way to drive a vehicle on the beach, it’s the perfect place to lay back and relax or walk the shoreline and search for keepsakes that will give you a great memory of your special date!

For a little more action, check out Woody’s Sports Center. They offer parasailing, jet ski rentals, and boat rides where you can see the dolphins and whooping cranes. No matter what you choose here, you’ll have a great time!

Go sailing with Padre Island Sailing Charters! Take a nice relaxing ride through the water and watch the dolphins at sunset with the one you care about most! You’ll have a romantic night out for sure!

For any kayakers, take your date out to the Lighthouse Lakes Trail! You’ll have so many trails to choose from, it is a great experience, and amazing bonding time!

For something more laid back, check out Charlie’s Pasture. You’ll have a nice, quaint area to sit together and watch the sunset and enjoy nature. It is truly a beautiful view.