When you think of Mother’s Day, the first thing that crosses your mind is, “What do I get her?”

We resort to gift giving so often that we forget how great making memories can be. What better way to gift your mom than to give her a memory that will last a life time, and why not make that memory at the beach? Any mom would enjoy a relaxing getaway with the wind in her hair and the sand between her toes, which makes Port Aransas a great place to celebrate Mother’s Day!

A mom’s number one need (and want) is sleep. Let her sleep in or even just relax while you make breakfast in your condo and treat her to breakfast in bed with a beautiful beach view!

Let her take a break from the craziness and get dressed up for a nice dinner. Moms need a break sometimes, and Port Aransas’s night life will help her let loose and enjoy herself! The fact that she won’t be washing dishes after dinner is a gift all on its own!

If you’re looking to treat a new mom, crafts that involve your baby with be the most heartwarming. With Casa being steps away from the beach, you can let mom sleep in and take the baby out for beach pictures. Nothing says happy Mother’s Day better than a picture of baby feet in the sand! Having a picture processed is quick and easy, and it’ll mean more to Mom than you know!

No matter Mom’s age or number of kids, one thing is for sure – you can’t go wrong with a surprise beach trip. Making memories together as a family is the best gift of all!