Did you know that the Whooping Crane embarks upon a 2,5000 mile trek to the Texas Gulf Cost during Winter? Port Aransas is home to many Winter Texans for the Winter but also to famous Whooping Crane. These majestic birds preen, dance and sing to each other and search for food in the marshes and some may stand as tall as seven feet.

The Whooping Crane is one of the oldest living bird species on the planet! By 1938, it had become endangered but has now recovered from a low of 21 birds in the wild to around 600 birds today.

The Whooping Crane Festival is an educational as well as enjoyable festival and proceeds from the festival benefit the conservation the Whooping Cranes worldwide.

There are boat and van tours, birding field trips, photography classes, speakers and much more during the festival February 25-28, 2016. The festival is held in Port Aransas and includes tons of fun and activities for all ages. Please see our events page for more information.