Murphy beds are a great way to save space if you are working with minimal square footage. They are functional and discrete because they are hidden, yet quickly accessible. They can be pulled out for a quick and cozy nap, and then easily put away with no hassle. This allows you to have much more space during the day. You don’t have to worry about your mattress slipping and sliding when prepping the bed because the mattress is attached to the base. An even bigger bonus? No box spring necessary!

A Murphy bed can be easily hidden with a nice armoire cover, or a beautiful piece of art. However you decide to decorate, your home will easily be transformed when it’s time to put your bed away. With this factor, you are not compromising your space, but enhancing it!

Avoid tripping or stubbing your toe on a bed that is taking up valuable space! With a Murphy bed, if you aren’t using it, it doesn’t have to be there! This is a huge benefit as it prevents some painful injuries.

Murphy beds are really convenient if you are on vacation with your children! Give your family the space to utilize during the day and easily bring the bed out when it’s time to get some shut eye. A Murphy bed is a great feature for vacationers because you don’t have to search for something with more space! You can easily have a great time and not feel jam packed into a small area. This will allow you to fully relax during your entire stay!