So, have you found the time between spring and summer break to be an absolute bore? Are you counting down the days until your kids are off of school and you can take a vacation to Port Aransas, Texas? Well I’m here to say, me too!

I may live locally, but this time is so confusing for my family. It’s almost like our bodies are going through the motions and our brain and heart are in beach mode.  So- why not just visit Port Aransas on the weekends?! It’s almost like a pre-party to summer time. I’ve found so much to do that doesn’t necessarily involve going to hang out at the beach. That being said, the beach is also amazing. I sit in my shade and take a nap, while my kids play nearby and my husband watches them so that I can relax. But if you are looking for some fun activities to do for the weekend, here are a few things I have found that our family loves to do, and yours might too!

1.)The Red Dragon Pirate ship. We’ve mentioned this before, but just in case you’re wondering- it is GREAT for ADULTS and children. My husband and I have a great time and so do the kids. They have a bar for the adults and their drinks are very cold! Seriously- it’s awesome.

2.)Painting with a Twist in Corpus Christi. I’m sure you’ve seen Painting with a Twist or a similar ‘paint and sip studio’ around. This is such a fun time! They have kid’s classes, adult classes and lots more to offer than just a painting class. Bring the kids or your wine and get ready for a fun, entertaining time!

3.)Texas State Aquarium. Now this is almost a given. The aquarium has a new addition, and it is awesome. So much to see and with their splash pad for the kids, you can make a day out of it.

4.)Hiking. There are many places to explore and hike in the area, but our favorite is Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond.  Such a beautiful spot to just enjoy the birds, butterflies and flowers- as well as the water.

5.)Fire it! Ceramics. This place is so fun- you get to paint your pottery however you’d like and they will send it to you once it is fired if you live out of town!

So, why wait for summer to have a fun little getaway? I know we won’t be waiting for June to do some of the activities mentioned above!