“Life is better around a bonfire on the beach.”

There is nothing more relaxing than hanging out around the the fire on a cool Fall night. But have you ever hung out around the fire on the beach? Hanging around a beach bonfire is one of the most peaceful experiences you will ever have. Whether you’re with family or friends, escaping from reality and mediating on the fire and hearing the waves is an experience you will never forget.

Casa is located just steps away from the beach. So if you get down to the water and forget a blanket or marshmallows (the most important item), it’s a quick walk back to your room.

There are many ways to build the perfect fire. The City of Port Aransas will allow you to build a bonfire on the beach as long as it doesn’t exceed 3ft X 3ft.

You could build your fire like a teepee:

1. Dig a deep enough pit in the sand to house the wood

2. Place your wood in the put

3. Form a teepee and leave an opening in your teepee on the side the wind is blowing against. This will ensure that your fire gets the air it needs.

4. Continue adding wood to the teepee

Or, you could lay the wood like a log cabin:

1. Start off by creating a small teepee

2. Get large pieces of wood and lay them parallel

3. Add two more pieces of wood to create a square base

4. Stack wood on top of the base parallel to each other


No matter how you lay the fire, you can trust that you’re going to have a fun time on the beach!