Tucked between Corpus Christi Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, lies the quaint coastal town, Port Aransas. A vacation destination full of character, known for its world class fishing, multitude of dining options, one of a kind boutiques and galleries, and 18 miles of beautiful beaches, perfect for relaxation. In a place that has a little something for everyone, it’s nearly impossible to not enjoy yourself while you’re here.

A normal day in Port A would show you vacationers walking down the sidewalks, shopping at the different beach stores, golf carts riding up and down the streets, Port A shirts and hats everywhere you look, and a smile on everyone’s faces. There would be no shortage of options for night life fun, and the diverse restaurants would leave you wanting more after every meal. Port A was the spot to take your family and friends for a fun getaway.

All of that changed on the weekend of August 25th. The island had an emergency evacuation, and families were forced to leave their homes to flee from the dangers that Hurricane Harvey could bring. The locals played a waiting game for 6 days wondering how the island held up to the storm, if the businesses were okay, if their homes were still standing. Initially, the people of the island were devastated as they were able to come back to their home. Seaweed, normally found on the shore, had filled the streets, lawns, and buildings. A high number of boats were left in parking lots and fields. Sadly, locations where buildings once stood are now lots filled with debris.

The destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey was truly devastating. With many homes and resorts uninhabitable, and several local favorites leveled, it’s going to take time to bring our home back to the island it once was. The locals have come together to begin the repairs, and we have no doubt that when the recovery efforts are finished, the island will be better than ever!